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The Hybrid Services Approach

One of the most significant shifts in the business landscape over recent years has been the move to in-house marketing – bringing agency services inside the organization.

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Customer Engagement Report

Get cross-industry analysis of marketing statistics and trends in addition to articles and case studies to help you make better business decisions.

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Snow Day Tomorrow -- Via RSS

Few online retailers are yet using RSS for marketing. RSS is easier to implement than email. Most retailers should be able to develop RSS marketing programs using in-house IT resources.
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Ephron & Pollak on General Advertising

I don't understand why any firm would run advertising they can't track, or would run advertising which costs more than it returned.
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Search Tip: Watch Your Match Types

Match types are a critical -- but too often overlooked -- aspect of paid search. Put time and testing into your match type decisions -- you'll be well rewarded for it.
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Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo Pipes is a beta Yahoo service that allows non-programmers to create RSS mashups.
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John Chow: Interesting Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul

When I encountered John Chow's blog last year, I first found his writing annoying. But over time his blog grew on me, and I've found John's advice on generating links and traffic to be solid.
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18 Assorted Links

18 assorted interesting links, no particular theme.