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Customer Engagement Report: Q2 2020

How are marketers adapting?

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Transamerica’s Approach to Personalization: Unifying Data to Fast-Track Sales

Transamerica needed to better understand its customers’ journeys to personalize interactions across channels and media and inform the sales process.

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YAGNI, and The Rule Of Three

Online marketing is evolving so quickly, there typically isn't time to engineer the "perfect process" out of the gate.
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Google's Rate Card

DMA Chicago, a dynamic mix of the old and the new.
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Detroit Light Tunnel

Off topic: the light tunnel at the Detroit airport just makes me grin.
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PPC Benchmarks by Product Category

Yesterday I wrote about the relationship between PPC program performance and business models. Today we'll take a look at how product categories seem to impact the numbers.
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Market Motive

MarketMotive is an educational site focusing on web marketing. I’m looking forward to participating as their pay-per-click expert.
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PPC Benchmarks: How does your program stack up?

As retailers, we always wanted to know: how are we doing relative to our competitors? We thought it might be useful to throw out some benchmarks of what we see across our client-base.