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Digital Studio & Production

Merkle’s Digital Studio and Production team embodies a dynamic blend of creativity and technology, ensuring that each idea and execution maintains harmonious levels of both. We bring design, production art, retouching, versioning, graphic optimization and HTML front-end coding to life under a holistic umbrella of creative director leadership. We do this to ensure every idea sold fulfills its promise and is developed to the highest standard of excellence.

Merkle’s key differentiator is our connection to data. We leverage information from testing and analytics to more effectively and completely deliver solutions that meet and exceed client objectives. We are passionate about building our creative executions on the backbone of research; our process becomes ever more efficient and accurate as it evolves with the addition of new data and analytics.

The Digital Studio and Production group exemplifies the highest caliber of talent with backgrounds spanning a wealth of industries. The group is built to carry a holistic branding message for our clients across communication channels, including email, interactive, direct mail, print and mobile. Our process, commitment and collective experience combined with the strength of data translates into effective and compelling solutions.