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Predictive Audience Analytics

The right segmentation is the foundation that groups your customers for strategy and action.

The performance of your marketing is dependent on how you segment your audience. Customer segments are used across your enterprise as part of its DNA and as a single language for marketing, sales, and beyond. Your segments should pull from both offline and online sources for critical customer insights and targeting. Accurate audiences rely on event stream analytics that source and integrate customer data across every interaction.

How we partner with you

We bring a scientific approach to defining your customer segments. With deep analytics bench strength, we work with you to:

  • Identify and define business needs
  • Develop analytics solutions and segments
  • Customize contact strategies and messaging
  • Implement segments in CRM, DMP, call centers, stores etc.
  • Continuously measure and optimize

By combining predictive modeling, behavioral research, and interaction data, we help determine the value of each customer and the impact of each marketing touchpoint.

An overview of approaches to customer segmentation

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