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Lift your performance with the right data

DataSource is Merkle’s proprietary data set that fuels omni-channel, people-based marketing across the entire consumer journey. Its rich deliver on a simple premise: We leverage the entire data marketplace in combination with our Data Valuation Lab methodology to screen data, identify the best assets, and combine them within DataSource. The resulting data set stands apart from the market in terms of coverage, accuracy, and predictive power.

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DataSource insights include:

Auto Segment

Ownership data including make, model, and duration

Finance Segment

Income levels, disposable income, and assets

Interest & Lifestyle Segments

Interest & Lifestyle
Various categories of interests

Persona Segments

Broad-ranging categories across groups and profiles

Demographic Segments

Categories from several reliable offline sources

Past Purchase Segments

Consumer past purchase data

Home & Real Estate Segments

Home & Real Estate
Home finance and home improvement

Our clients have had unprecedented success by using DataSource to uncover new consumer insights, plan targeted media campaigns, drive direct response, and deliver personalization. DataSource provides a robust foundation for the all-channel marketer seeking to influence the entire customer journey. 

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