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Data Management Extension Catalog

A modular approach to solve your marketing technical stack needs


Data Management Extensions (DMEs) are additional tools, services and/or integrations that either enhance your existing data or assist with delivering audiences to external systems. These are concise, standard, configurable, and scalable functional components that will enable a specific business use case in a fast and cost-efficient manner. DMEs are built so that they can deployed along with either the Rapid Audience Layer (RAL) or as ad-hoc implementations to your existing marketing database.

Audience Snapshot

Leverage the power of the Merkle ID that supplies terrestrial identities for the individual, address and household and helps users understand the growth and quality of your contactable universe. Learn More


Operational Scorecard

View your data loaded into the Rapid Audience Layer (RAL) solution. The dashboards provide both an aggregated view of data loading trends, job status and a detailed view of individual data loads for proactive analysis. Learn More

Audience Profile and Retail Purchase Behavior Dashboards

Understand your Customer and Prospect Profile and explore their purchase/engagement behavior using an interactive set of dashboards and self-service tools that allow your team to understand your Customers and Prospects across socio-demographic, geographic, and... Learn More

DataSource – 3rd Party Data Appends

In conjunction with your Rapid Audience Layer (RAL) solution, easily append Merkle’s 3rd Party data product, DataSource, to your existing customer and prospect data. With over 2,000 data attributes across... Learn More


Each DME is vetted and prioritized based on proven industry use cases leveraging Merkle’s 30+ years of experience in people-based marketing and data management. Our team is building DMEs not based on theory, but on real-life client challenges that need to be solved.


Key Benefits:
  • Affordable and quick deployment – using cloud technologies, latest ETL tools and shared support teams
  • Only purchase the extensions you need to be successful – sparing you additional investment in marketing cloud technologies
  • Begin to see ROI on all of your disparate marketing and CRM data
  • Prebuilt hooks into marketing industry tools and technologies


Once you have centralized your data into a single location, you want to do something with it. Whether that is:
  • Activate the data in other platforms
  • Standardize the data following industry best practices
  • Visualize and analyze your data in easy to digest reports and dashboards
  • Enhance your data with 3rd party attributes