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It Only Looks Like Magic

Book Image. Written by analysts for analysts.

Watch the Andy Fisher introduce the book

In a world where customer-centric organizations have the marketing edge, advanced analytics is the driving force behind customer experiences. 

It Only Looks Like Magic reveals how analysts can work with data and technology to power real-time, personalized marketing.  Written from an analytics perspective, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand both the strategic context of customer-centric marketing and the tactical details of customer analytics, digital data and technologies.


  • Understand digital data details.  What data is available, what data is valuable, how it can be captured and what can be done to ensure the data will provide value downstream?
  • Get tactical recommendations for how to improve your measurement within each digital channel.
  • Discover how customer-level data can be integrated across digital channels and with offline data.
  • Learn how to evolve from demographic-focused segmentation to understand motivations and consumer decision-making.
  • Explore strategies for bridging high-level media mix modeling and more detailed attribution analysis, including how to integrate social metrics.
  • Learn how analytics and technology come together to enable much more targeted and relevant communications with customers.

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