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Baidu Advertising and SEO Services

Baidu for Your Success

Baidu is known as the dominant search engine in China, claiming the majority (about 80%) of the market share. It is also one of the three largest tech dragons (the “BAT”)  influencing the everyday life of Chinese Internet users, with its social, e-commerce, life and leisure services, etc. For brands seeking to break into the world’s second-largest economy, Baidu offers the best opportunity to reach and impact your target audience, whose omni-channel behaviors are observed and intentions are explicitly expressed at that moment.

Available Baidu marketing programs span from SEO, SEM, and in-feed native ads to premium inventories reserved for Baidu partners and new strategic projects, such as Baidu Bear Paw.

Hear from one of our clients:

“We saw our business take off and rapidly grow in China by partnering with Merkle for our Baidu SEM and SEO program. It is especially helpful and reassuring to have a partner like Merkle, who directly connects us to Baidu, delivers exceptional results, and provides data insights that enhance our knowledge of the market.”

Digital Marketing Manager

From High Tech Company

Why partner with Merkle?

Our relationship with Baidu:

Merkle is Baidu’s only US-headquartered certified reseller and holds a Five-Star top domestic reseller status. We act as a direct liaison between your brand and Baidu by facilitating the communication. You will have access to a full spectrum of Baidu inventories, from desktop and mobile to apps and even addressable TV. And you’ll be the first to enjoy and benefit from Baidu’s latest launches or pilot programs.

Our expertise in localized SEM/SEO and performance media:  

Merkle has a bilingual team of more than 800 marketers and data scientists based in Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, and Guangzhou, China. We combine our professional expertise, data aptitude and robust analytics skills to inform strategies and drive real results. You’ll gain advantage from our insights into local markets and cultural indicators. In addition, you’ll learn of advancements that will shape your strategy and increase your mind share and market share in China.

Our unique approach:

At the core of our performance media approaches are our data capabilities. We don’t just “spray and pray.” Instead, we put data and advanced analytics to work fueling consistent growth. Merkle China also boasts the best white-hat Baidu SEO approach in the market. With Merkle’s global leadership in SEO, we become your real international SEO partner, ensuring your Baidu SEO efforts won’t negatively impact your Google SEO activities. We developed a rich set of proprietary SEO and SEM tools to facilitate research and drive competitor intelligence.

Our strength in data and technology:

Our unique strength in data and technology enables you to leverage advanced custom modeling, in combination with CRM strategies, to engage your prospects along the customer journey. Merkle China partners with Kenshoo and adopts Markov Chain attribution modeling in cross-channel planning and optimization.

Our leadership in search marketing and beyond:

We’ve developed a full stack of China digital marketing capabilities that can smoothly expand to meet your needs, not only in search marketing, but also in social (WeChat and Weibo), display (programmatic and direct media buying) and analytics services (e-commerce and CRO). We believe that international brands should have their quick wins, while also establishing their long-term marketing strategy in this market that will soon become world’s largest economy.

Service Highlights

China SEM / PPC

China SEM / PPC

Regular keyword bidding search ads
Advanced search ad formats
BrandZone ads
RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads)
DSA (dynamic search ads)
URL bidding search ads
Display & DSP & in-feed native ads

Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO

Technical SEO
Ranking-signal optimization
Link building
Content strategy
Mobile SEO
International SEO
Local SEO

In-feed native ads

In-Feed Native Ads

Baidu in-feed native ads
Toutiao in-feed native ads

Social media and paid social

Social Media & Paid Social

WeChat official account management
WeChat content development
Paid social ads
Advanced WeChat tech development & social CRM

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