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Email Marketing & Digital Messaging

Impactful email programs are crucial to your marketing mix

A brand's success across email, SMS, and push, relies on data from both owned and paid sources as well as continual measurement and integration. Aligning campaigns to your KPIs requires a combination of insightful planning, analytics, and performance creative to reach them.

By leveraging your owned, known and anonymous data and enhancing it with proprietary data, you’ll get the best intelligence for targeting, measurement, and personalization.

Next, you’ll want to adopt a performance creative methodology to drive increased engagement and conversion across mobile and where applicable, desktop experiences.

Merkle takes a deeper dive into your program with velocity modeling, product affinity, opt-out propensity, and multi-channel attribution.

Choosing the right partner

As your partner, we work with you to build an analytics roadmap that develops over time and has a positive business impact.

With a strategic planning process that mixes short– and long-term actions, we help you define your next-best actions and the tactics you should retire, with customer, campaign, and predictive analytics for insight into what's working and what's not.

Through the industry’s best platforms: Adobe, Salesforce, and Oracle, we connect your messaging over your entire tech stack.

How we plan the email / digital messaging experience

Our team advantage

  • Over 300 people focused on email across all disciplines
  • The only company that has the skills and certifications to implement Eloqua, SFMC, Responsys, and Adobe Campaign
  • The largest SFMC campaign execution capability outside of Salesforce
  • Our own deliverability team that proactively monitors deliverability using best-in-class tools
  • Solid experience deploying 3 billion emails annually through our resell arrangements

This Service Supports:

Customer Relationship Management

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