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Rapid Audience Layer

Transform data into audiences and insights — fast

Collecting data from many sources means it’s crucial to have a centralized storage solution. But what if your budget isn’t ready for a custom marketing database?

  • You still require the ability to match individuals across sources.
  • You want the analytics potential to build better customer experience and prospect audiences based on activities, events, and demographics.
  • And, you likely need this to happen in weeks, not months.

How Rapid Audience Layer helps

Rapid Audience Layer (RAL) is a cloud-based data management solution that is quickly onboarded and allows for analysis, insights, and visualization of your data.

For marketers, this is a game changer.

The ability to get a database environment deployed and functioning within weeks so you can build insights, is a huge win. With RAL, your analytics team can spend less time on data management and more time on analysis.

15 +
Years of combined cloud development experience
25 +
Years of marketing data management experience


We have worked across multiple industries and are a trusted Google partner.


Looking for technical information about RAL?

Key benefits

  • A centralized way to store multiple data feeds, including CRM, digital, and third party.
  • Affordable and quick deployment — using current cloud technologies and shared support teams RAL.
  • Standard data hygiene and identity resolution (CDI), so you can recognize the same individual across several data sources.
  • A foundation with add-or-remove extensions — sparing you additional investment in marketing cloud technologies.
  • Evolves as your marketing needs mature and can migrate to a custom data management solution with no rework.

Start small with your data management, then expand as needed

RAL is a cloud-based repository used to collocate marketing data from many different sources Your data is stored in its natural/native form and can be delimited, fixed width or Excel format. The repository is cloud based — initially on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It enables the customer to explore, query, report, visualize, and analyze their own data quickly

Functionalities included:

  • Standard hygiene and identity reslution (CDI) using cR-KB
  • Data Ingestion and Loading
  • Automatic file schema detection
  • Auto scaling: additional resources assigned to break larger files down to process them faster
  • Meta-driven file mapping
  • Easy to integrate visualization/discovery tools

Meet Our Team

Ankur Jain

Senior Vice President, Strategy Lead, Cloud Platforms

Jon Regan

Senior Director, Technology & Data Management

Ready to learn more about RAL?