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Voice Search Discovery

How to Be There

An estimated 50 percent of all searches will be voice by 2020. Voice search is a fast growing and evolving field however, today’s consumer voice search behavior doesn’t include marketers in the conversation.

People ask questions using voice search, and the answers are supplied by brands who have properly structured data and domain authority. Essentially, you either are or are not the answer. Your brand must win “position zero” to engage with consumers.

Voice Active Listening

Merkle’s Voice Active Listening (VAL) product helps brands understand their share of conversations (SOCs) and discover new voice search conversations to pursue and win.

Win Position Zero

VAL submits voice query inputs to analyze voice agent responses, learning which brands are winning “position zero.” This data translates to rating and prioritizing influencer websites, keywords, and content to develop — thereby improving voice search brand discovery and engagement. When paired with Merkle’s team of data scientists and SEO and SEM experts, VAL gives brands the unique insight and direction to take advantage of the rapidly growing voice opportunity.

The flow of voice search and how Voice Active Listening can give you an advantage

Merkle's Voice Search Services

  • Voice Active Listening (VAL) – Proprietary voice insights product
  • TechnicalSEO.com and Schema.org consulting for SEO voice discovery
  • Cluster analysis and modeling of voice search keywords
  • Automated data integrations with Google and Amazon
  • Voice connectivity to Amazon and Google Shopping ad management

Why Merkle

Brands are looking for voice strategy solutions, and Merkle is the only agency that combines machine learning at scale with data scientists and search analysts to drive new voice search discovery.

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